What Are the Best Alternatives to WhatsApp GB?

Options for Secure Messaging Apps with Lots of Bells & Whistles

The extra features it has over WhatsApp is what has caused such a buzz for WhatsApp GB, but fears and concerns over security and privacy has driven, a lot of people to start looking elsewhere. Below are some of the best messaging apps that you can use that take both efficiency and security of the user into consideration.

Signal: The Privacy Champion

More than any other, Signal shines because it never wavers on privacy. It default end-to-end encryption everything - from calls, to messages, to shared media. One other notable piece is that Signal does not collect much about its users, as it decided to store your phone number and very little other data unlike many other apps. It also contains features like self-destruct messages and screen security (so it cant be capture by screenshots on some screens) etc. Because of that, it's a great pick if you want a more secure set of messaging features.

Ditto For Telegram: Adaptability and Customisation

The greater goodTelegram combines security with highly customizable user experiences. It offers an end-to-end encryption with the optional feature for Secret Chats, while other chats are encrypted on the Telegram servers. It supports big-ass group chats, public channels, and bots that can add a crap-ton of functionality to the app. Telegram also lets you send files up to 2 GB and is also better for file sharing. It has gained popularity with a user base of more than 500 million users bc it is a perfect mix of speed, security and features.

Best all-rounder: Viber

Viber likewise provides end-to-end encryption for all communications but not by default. The app has many of the same features as WhatsApp and Telegram - calls, stickers, etc - but also comes with Viber Out, which lets users call landline or non-Viber users at competitive rates. Viber, meanwhile, has a suite of security features and releases frequent updates to both touch up its security and offer new features, which have kept its 1 billion registered users happy for years with an easy-to-use platform.

Threema: Paying for Privacy

By providing end-to-end encryption for messages, calls, group chats, and even status messages, Threema lives up to its promise of secure communication. Unique to Threema is the ability for users to avoid having to use their phone numbers and get an ID instead using either this Threema ID or even an email address. A Swiss-made app known for both its great functionality as well as clean and minimalistic look, Camera Plus Prime is offered by an upfront and one-time purchase, allowing it to steer clear of ads and user data harvesting.

Switching, and Things to Consider First

When deciding on a WhatsApp GB alternative, it really boils down to what aspects of messaging are most important to you—whether that be privacy, or features, or customization. All these options have specific features which are useful for various requirement of users.

Making an Informed Decision

What matters most to you in a messaging app if you are moving away from WhatsApp GB? Signal has new age fourth-amendment-defying privacy, Telegram is forever free chaos with features, Viber is a friend of all individuals, and Threema will let you disappear into the night (or something). Select the platform that fits your style of communication, respecting your higher priority on privacy and featurePrefs

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